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The Seinfeld Chronicles 1
The Stake Out 2
The Robbery 3
Thursday at NBC 9 seasons Ended
Jerry Seinfeld is a very successful stand-up comedian, mainly because the people around him offer an endless supply of great material. His best friend is George Costanza, a bald, whiny loser who craves the kind of success Jerry has but is never willing to do what it takes to get it. Jerry's neighbor Kramer often barges into his apartment and imposes onto his life. In the second episode Jerry's former girlfriend Elaine Benes comes back into his life, and the four of them are able to form a friendship together. The episodes were rarely very plot-heavy, focusing more on mundane conversations and situations that could be found during everyday life in New York.
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January 2016

If you watching Seinfeld in 2016 , Like. 👍.

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July 2015

أفضل مسلسل كوميدي رأيته
النكته فيه مكتوبه بعناية، لاري ديفيد وجيري ساينفلد على طاولة واحدة يكتبان وعليك فقط أن تضحك
المواقف السخيفة التي نمر بها في حياتنا، المغالطات المجتمعية ، الحياة البسيطة وردود فعل الانسان على ما يمر فيها، الحب والاعجاب والبغض والحسد والتعاون والمقالب ووووو
تتشابه المواقف في حياتنا جميعا سواء الكاتب الذي يقصد الفرد الاميركي أو المشاهد من خارج اميركا

عمل كوميدي جبار، اصبروا على كم حلقة وافهموا الشخصيات وراح تحبوه، صدقوني

Best comedy series I've ever seen
Joke it carefully written, Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld at one table are writing and you just have to laugh
 Absurd situations that we are going through in our lives, community fallacies, simple life and human reactions to what goes where, love, admiration, hatred, envy, cooperation, and hazing Oowo
Similar situations in all of our lives, both American writer who means the individual or scenes from outside America

Action Comedy Jabbar, on how patient episode and understand the characters and claimed Tahbuh, believe me

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January 2016

اتفق معك 👌 افضل مسلسل كوميدي بالنسبة لي 😊

March 2016

ببدا فيه قريب وان شاء الله يكون كوميدي بشكل رهييب
حاليا افضل مسلسل كوميدي عندي هو the big bang theory 👌 😍 ✨

May 2016

اروع وصف قريته لساينفلد صراحة واتفق معك تماماً

January 2013

Best comedy show ever. Might not be the funniest (depends on the viewer's taste), but its sharp and groundbreaking. There's not a single every days circumstance that's not covered by Seinfeld.

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December 2014

well , they can't make a funny show like it anymore

August 2015

Just finished Seinfeld. The greatest comedy show in history.

Just finished Seinfeld. The greatest comedy show in history.

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June 2016

First thanks for suggesting this TV show for me. And I wanna say that the first two seasons are so fuckin' silly but the other seasons are hilarious ;-)

June 2016

You're welcome my friend. Seinfeld is the best🤗

December 2014

the best part about it
no love drama bullshit crap

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July 2015

True that . HIMYM & Friends kinda crap is just lame once it's overdone.

June 2016

I never thought I would miss Seinfeld!
But I miss them so much right now 💔.

I never thought I would miss Seinfeld!
But I miss them so much right now 💔.

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June 2016

You're not the only one! We're all miss them. The only thing we can do is watching them from time to time ❤️

June 2016

I miss them too. I watch the best moments in YouTube.

November 2016

I miss them too 💔💔

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January 2017

تعلقين كثير ما شاء الله (ادور حرش)

last month

Yes they have left a black hole inside our heart...

January 2015


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December 2014

Seinfeld is a TV Show about 'nothing' that simply revolutionized the way we watch comedy. This series got to be groundbreaking, genial and funny every time. A landmark on the history of television.

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September 2015

Nothing was like Seinfeld and nothing will ever be like Seinfeld. Pure comedic genius!

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July 2015

A melhor série de comédia, apenas! A premissa é "sobre o nada" e ainda sim o roteiro é genial. Os personagens são um show à parte, exceto Seinfeld que não é ator de verdade. Os pais do George são a parte mais engraçada!

The best comedy series, only! The premise is "about nothing" and yet the script is great. The characters are put on a show, but it's not true Seinfeld actor. George's parents are the funniest part!

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October 2014

they don't make comedy like this anymore

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October 2014

How can someone not like this show?It's amazing.

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March 2016

George Costanza is probably the greatest TV show character of all time

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April 2016

This show is pure gold! The first seasons are not really that funny and great but since the season 3-4, the show really improved to become an extrodinary hilarious show that I completeley love! Even though it's from the 90's, you can't remain indifferent to this show! Seinfeld forever! ❤️👌🏻

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November 2016

😭😭😭😭😭I finished this wonderful series in 13 days

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November 2016

من افضى مارايت 😂

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last month

واو انا قاعده اتابعه بالقطاره عشان ما ابيه يخلص

October 2014

Best show about literally nothing!!

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April 2015

Dans certaines saisons, l'ordre n'est pas le bon sur TVShow Time. Voici le bon si vous voulez vous y retrouver :

Saison 1

1. Le Casse-pieds (Male Unbonding)
2. Jalousie (The Stakeout)
3. Le Cambriolage (The Robbery)
4. Les Joies de la bourse (The Stock Tip)

Saison 2

1. La Belle et les Bêtes (The Ex-Girlfriend)
2. La Gaffe (The Pony Remark)
3. Pas de bol (The Busboy)
4. Un heureux événement (The Baby Shower)
5. Blouson blues (The Jacket)
6. Faim cruelle (The Chinese Restaurant)
7. Le Répondeur (The Phone Message)
8. L’Appartement (The Apartment)
9. Soirée gâchée (The Stranded)
10. La Statue (The Statue)
11. La Crise cardiaque (The Heart Attack)
12. Vengeance (The Revenge)
13. Le Contrat (The Deal)

Saison 3

1. La Main du masseur (The Note)
2. Toute la vérité (The Truth)
3. Le Chien (The Dog)
4. La Bibliothèque (The Library)
5. Le Stylo (The Pen)
6. Le Parking (The Parking Garage)
7. Le Q. I. (The Cafe)
8. L’Enregistrement (The Tape)
9. Chirurgie esthétique (The Nose Job)
10. La Voiture (The Alternate Side)
11. Le Point rouge (The Red Dot) alias Le Chandail
12. Le Suicidaire (The Suicide) alias C'est du suicide
13. Le Métropolitain (The Subway) alias Transports urbains
14. Le Distributeur de bonbons (The Pez Dispenser)
15. Ami ami [1/2] (The Boyfriend alias The New Friend: Of Mastodons and Men)
16. Ami ami [2/2] (The Boyfriend alias The New Friend: Of Mastodons and Men)
17. Le Rendez-vous (The Fix-Up)
18. La Limousine (The Limo)
19. Le Bon Samaritain (The Good Samaritan)
20. La Lettre (The Letter)
21. La Place de stationnement (The Parking Space)
22. Les Clés (The Keys)

Saison 4

1. Le Voyage [1/2] (The Trip)
2. Le Voyage [2/2] (The Trip)
3. Le Show [1/2] (The Pitch)
4. Le Show [2/2] (The Ticket)
5. Le Portefeuille [1/2] (The Wallet)
6. La Montre [2/2] (The Watch)
7. L'Enfant bulle (The Bubble Boy)
8. Les Lettres (The Cheever Letters)
9. L'Opéra (The Opera)
10. La Vierge (The Virgin)
11. Le Pari (The Contest)
12. L’Aéroport (The Airport)
13. L’Indiscrétion (The Pick)
14. L’Avocate (The Visa)
15. Quel Cinéma ! (The Movie)
16. En être ou ne pas en être (The Outing)
17. Les Chaussures (The Shoes)
18. Les Vieux (The Old Man)
19. Les Faux Seins (The Implant)
20. Parking réservé (The Handicap Spot)
21. Le Bonbon à la menthe (The Junior Mint)
22. La Petite Odeur (The Smelly Car)
23. Le Pilote [1/2] (The Pilot)
24. Le Pilote [2/2] (The Pilot)

Saison 5

1. La mangue (The Mango)
2. Les lunettes (The Glasses)
3. La chemise bouffante (The Puffy Shirt)
4. L’Allergie (The Sniffing Accountant)
5. La Circoncision (The Bris)
6. La Sourde (The Lip Reader)
7. Le Yaourt maigre (The Non-Fat Yogurt)
8. Le Coiffeur (The Barber)
9. La Masseuse (The Masseuse)
10. La Statue indienne (The Cigar Store Indian)
11. La Conversion (The Conversion)
12. Les Toilettes (The Stall)
13. L'Océanologue (The Marine Biologist)
14. Le Dîner (The Dinner Party)
15. La Tarte aux pommes (The Pie)
16. La Doublure (The Stand-In)
17. Un mariage à l'essai (The Wife)
18. L'Incendie (The Fire)
19. Les Imperméables [1/2] (The Raincoats)
20. Les Imperméables [2/2] (The Raincoats)
21. Un week-end dans les Hampton (The Hamptons)
22. La Transformation (The Opposite)

Saison 6

1. Le Chaperon (The Chaperone)
2. La Grande Salade (The Big Salad)
3. La Collecte de dons (The Pledge Drive)
4. La Chinoise (The Chinese Woman)
5. Le Canapé (The Couch)
6. La Gymnaste (The Gymnast)
7. La Soupe (The Soup)
8. La Boutique familiale (The Mom & Pop Store)
9. La Secrétaire (The Secretary)
10. L’Échange (The Switch)
11. La Course (The Race)
12. L’Étiqueteuse (The Label Maker)
13. Le Contrevenant (The Scofflaw)
14. La Centième (Highlights of a Hundred alias The Clip Show)
15. La Couverture (The Beard)
16. La Bise (The Kiss Hello)
17. Le Portier (The Doorman)
18. Jimmy (The Jimmy)
19. Le Gribouillage (The Doodle)
20. Le Jerry Fusilli (The Fusilli Jerry)
21. Le Club diplomate (The Diplomat's Club)
22. Le Supporter (The Face Painter)
23. La Doublure (The Understudy)

Saison 7

1. Une vie de chien (The Engagement)
2. Décalage (The Postponement)
3. Le Maestro (The Maestro)
4. Quelle salade (The Wink)
5. Bains à remous (The Hot Tub)
6. Le Cuistot nazi (The Soup Nazi)
7. Le Code Secret (The Secret Code)
8. Le Monde de George (The Pool Guy)
9. Pénurie (The Sponge)
10. Une histoire à la gomme (The Gum)
11. Du bon pain (The Rye)
12. Le Soutien-gorge (The Caddy)
13. Seven (The Seven)
14. En voiture [1/2] (The Cadillac)
15. Dérapages [2/2] (The Cadillac)
16. La Pomme de douche (The Shower Head)
17. Quand Jerry rencontre Sally (The Doll)
18. Tenue correcte exigée (The Friars Club alias The Gypsies)
19. Le Blasé du blazer (The Wig Master)
20. La Calzone (The Calzone)
21. Gare aux consignes [1/2] (The Bottle Deposit)
22. Le Garagiste fou [2/2] (The Bottle Deposit)
23. La Pantalonnade (The Wait Out)
24. Les Invitations (The Invitations)

Saison 8

1. La Fondation (The Foundation)
2. Gaga (The Soul Mate)
3. Bizzare Land (The Bizarro Jerry)
4. Danse avec les fous (The Little Kicks)
5. Le Paquet (The Package)
6. Poker Mentor (The Fatigues)
7. Les Chèques (The Checks)
8. Poulet au vinaigre (The Chicken Roaster)
9. L’Abstinence (The Abstinence)
10. Naufrage (The Andrea Doria)
11. Combats de coqs (The Little Jerry)
12. L'Argent (The Money)
13. La Revanche (The Comeback)
14. Les Voyous (The Van Buren Boys)
15. Suze, ça use (The Susie)
16. Brosse à dents et porte clefs (The Pothole)
17. Le patient anglais (The English Patient)
18. Comme un poisson dans l’eau (The Nap)
19. Ta da ta da (The Yada Yada)
20. Vivement l’an 2000 (The Millennium)
21. Le Touriste (The Muffin Tops)
22. Le Bel été de George (The Summer of George)

Saison 9

1. Rasage au beurre (The Butter Shave)
2. La Voix (The Voice)
3. Un peu de sérénité (The Serenity Now)
4. Amour, délices et paté de campagne (The Blood)
5. Du van dans les voiles (The Junk Mail)
6. Le Show Merry Griffin (The Merv Griffin Show)
7. Tranche de cake (The Slicer)
8. Trahison (The Betrayal)
9. L’Excuse (The Apology)
10. Dans la soupe (The Strike)
11. Prix d'ami (The Dealership)
12. La Toison d’homme (The Reverse Peephole)
13. La Vengeance de Sally (The Cartoon)
14. Le Coffre fort (The Strongbox)
15. L’Agenda électronique (The Wizard)
16. La Brûlure (The Burning)
17. La Librairie (The Bookstore)
18. La Grenouille (The Frogger)
19. La Bonne (The Maid)
20. La Fête portoricaine (The Puerto Rican Day)
21. L'Album [1/2] (The Clip Show alias The Chronicle)
22. L'Album [2/2] (The Clip Show alias The Chronicle)
23. Grandeur et décadence (The Finale)
24. Grandeur et décadence (The Finale)

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November 2015

Sempre revendo essa série maravilhosa! Nenhuma comédia deixa a gente tao a vontade e "em casa" como essa. Não da para comparar com nenhuma outra, essa foi a melhor de todos os tempos. Nenhum capítulo deixou a desejar.

2 replies
December 2015

Onde você assistiu? É que eu procurei na internet e nem um lugar q eu olhei eu achei completo 😑