It's a Wonderful Rae (2)
Feeling guilty that she was not there for Tix Rae is also depressed when Chloe tells her of her feel... More Feeling guilty that she was not there for Tix Rae is also depressed when Chloe tells her of her feelings for Finn and imagines running her over. Things get worse when Rae realises that Chloe has read her diary and tries to commit suicide but is herself run over. Whilst Rae is unconscious Tix appears and tells her how life would be poorer if Rae was to do away with herself so ,after being discharged from hospital,she goes to see Kester Gill,discussing her suicide attempt and her feelings for her father
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March 2014

May I repeat myself by saying that I freaking love this show.
I would have loved having a show like that When I was a teenager when I was trying to figure out life.
6 episodes per season is not enough for me !!!!
Tix needs to wake up. I love her character's fragility.
And Rae+Finn = OMG.
I love the way he wrote his feelings on her back!!!

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March 2014

I'm not gonna lie. I almost cried during the whole episode. It was such an inspirational one. Two scenes really blew my mind: the one where Rae is in a "coma" and Tix shows her what the world would happen if she was gone. That scene was so powerful because so many people think about doing the same thing and think no one would care but people WOULD care no matter who you are and that's beautiful. The second scene is when Rae goes to see Kester's flat and she sorta mums him and he starts crying and that was so perfect that i totally sold my soul to this show at this moment. He was so human and fragile whereas during the whole season we saw him as a rock. He is the perfect guide for Rae. So yeah those two scenes really stand out to me. Bless MMFD

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March 2014

Oh putin que ça fait du bien!!

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May 2014

I fucking love this

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February 2013

I am so excited for the episode and scared in a way too. Finn and Rae need to be together!

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5 weeks ago

Omg the smile that came across my face when he motioned that he loved her ? so adorable ^-^

Also, plot twist: Dr. Gill is her dad

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last month

Bonito final aunque bastante irreal. El psicólogo me cae bien, a pesar de mostrarle poco profesional. Aún le falta algo a la serie...

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