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It's a Wonderful Rae (2)
Feeling guilty that she was not there for Tix Rae is also depressed when Chloe tells her of her feel... More Feeling guilty that she was not there for Tix Rae is also depressed when Chloe tells her of her feelings for Finn and imagines running her over. Things get worse when Rae realises that Chloe has read her diary and tries to commit suicide but is herself run over. Whilst Rae is unconscious Tix appears and tells her how life would be poorer if Rae was to do away with herself so ,after being discharged from hospital,she goes to see Kester Gill,discussing her suicide attempt and her feelings for her father
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97 reactions

4 weeks ago

Eu estou apaixonada! impossível não amar essa série, chorei muito :'( TRILHA SONORA PERFEITAAAAAAA

I am in love! impossible not to love this show, I cried a lot, '(SOUNDTRACK PERFEITAAAAAAA

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2 replies
July 2015

Finn's love declaration is something incredibly sweet, amazing and romantic 😍💙 He's simply amazing 💗

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July 2015

Just ended to watch it and I can say that this is one of my favourite tv shows ever. It's so real, so intense, so human, and not only for Rae's or Tix's situations, but also for the chance that a hot and nice boy like Finn can fall for a fat and brilliant girl like Rae. Really such a great show, can't wait to start the next season.

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last month

the Best épisode qui conclu une super saison 😍, plein de choses que j'aime dans cette série original par rapport à d'autres , puis mettre en tête d'affiche une fille ronde et suicidaire se n'ai pas courant d'habitude c'est des bombe atomique la plus part du temps, les personnages sont attachants et touchant et cette série bouscule de nonbreux préjugés et ma secoué perso😱😲j'ai rit ,était ému,mais j'ai pas chialé je suis 1 mec putain 😜😛 servie par de super acteurs et actrices 👍👍, 1 petite dédicace à JULIMOO👍👍 qui ma convaincu de comencer cette série à mon tour je la conseils et à regarder sans modération 😍 😍 😍

the Best episode that concluded ? a great season, full of things I love in this original series to others, then put headlining a round and suicidal girl have no current usual c east of the atomic bomb most of the time, the characters are endearing and touching and this series of upsets nonbreux prejudice and shook my perso??j'ai laughs, was moved, but I'm not whining I fucking 1 guy ? ? served by great actors and actresses ??, 1 small that my dedication to JULIMOO?? comencer convinced of this series in my turn I advice and watch without moderation ? ? ?

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2 replies
last month

- Champagne Supernova
- What's up
- Finn and Rae

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July 2015

Chop + izzy = 💘
Rae + finn = 💘
my mad fat diary = 💘

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June 2015

I really love this show. The first time I saw it, I was in the same situation that Rae, and I was really fuck up and lonely. MMFD made me feel that I wasn't alone, gave me hope.

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August 2015

"It's our special song: Eeeeeeeh macarena!"
Rae and Finn

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July 2015

"And I said ehi ehi ehi.... What's going on?" Grazie per aver scelto di insta canzone per i minuti finali!!! La dichiarazione tra Finn e Rae è una delle più dolci che abbia mai visto!

"And I said hey hey hey .... What's going on?" Thank you for insta song for the closing minutes !!! The declaration between Finn and Rae is one of the sweetest I've ever seen!

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last month

I would lie if I said I haven't cried like 80% of the episode.

How to start ??

Tixy has to wake up !! Rae needs her and she needs to live. I didn't thought that would be that bad 😨 : cry 1

I think since the episode 3 that Kester is Rae's father. Maybe that would be too big but...

Really? I haven't understand Chloe's reaction, she overreacted now we know that she only saw the page with Finn. I still don't like Chloe because in e v e r y episode she is naughty with Rae but she forgives her all the time. That's great that they're good but I don't think Chloe is Rae's bestfriend.

Archie is Rae's bestfriend !! When Rae asked Chloe not to tell everyone about the fact that Archie was gay, we see she really cares about him !! That was so heartbreaking when he didn't tell everyone at the wedding 😥. : cry 2

When Rae wanted to end with her life. No need to explain. I was angry that she could think something like that ! 😞 When Tixy shows her what Life Would Be Without Rae, that was exactly what I was thinking.
Finn saying that he misses her so much 😭😍 : cry 3

Big G being actually nice was so good to see

Seeing Danny very sad in his bed 😥 : cry 4

Kester crying : cry 5

Rae beeing so brave at the wedding and telling the true !😀 : cry 6

Chop saying to Izzy : I fucking love you 💙💙

Rae and her Mom being a family 😊

now : Finn's declaration 💛💛 I cried so.much.really.
I love that he couldn't tell and he writes I LOVE YOU on her back that was so cute!!! that is the best scene, so meanfull. she said she didn't believed him and he said : I don't care if you don't believe me, it was too much for me 😭 : cry 7

I'm in love with Finn ❤️
I'm so excited to see them together in season 2 !

Rae and Finn, Izzy and Chop 💕

The English accent is SO important in this show I love it SO MUCH ! 💛
like when Chop says : I focking love you 😊
or when Rae says : but no ma''ers how har' to try


(this comment is so long!!)

2 replies
last month

OMG SAME FOR KESTER! i thought I was the only one hahahahah!

Chloe likes drama... Sadly.. I don't like her either. She's like so selfish and superficial argh

Yes Archie and Rae are real best friends! I love their relationship so so so so much!


GOSH YES ENGLISH ACCENT IS AMAZING HERE I JUST WANT TO BE ENGLISH TOO! 😭 Actually I just want to live in this show, I want to be Rae so fucking much

last month

you're exactly like me
or you're me
because that is exactly what I think ! 💛
Yeah, Chloe is so dramatic, how she cried when she opened the door to Rae that was TOO MUCH
oh yeah so selfish 😤
Archie and Rae 💫

SAME SAME SAME EVERYWHERE ! I cried of sadness but even more of joy !
Finn in the end, he was so perfect ❤️

I CAN'T STOP ME NEITHER ! I'm thinking about it every hours, not joking !! I realize I'm acting like a fangirl, wich I never been! but this show got me crazy. and I love it 💛

Exactly, I'm training myself to speak with the english accent all the time and I repeat some sentences of the show sometimes ! omyg I'm so hooked on😍

Like in the episode 4 I think when Rae says : because there's not gonna have par'ies ! sexy or orherwise !

Oh yes then I would be in this show and we would hang out in the pub with the gang while listening Oasis !! 💛

2 weeks ago

i want a guy like finn so much it hurts

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last month

ja to amandoooo
cade o beijo????
Whats Up 😍

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5 weeks ago

bellissimo davvero...sono senza parole! ma quanto sono dolci insieme???????
Tix nella seconda stagione ti devi svegliare!!!!!!!!

really beautiful ... I'm speechless! but they are sweet together ???????
Tix in the second season you have to wake up !!!!!!!!

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0 reply
August 2015

Rae and Finn 😍

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last month

La déclaration de Finn est à tomber ! 💕 Love these two !

Finn's statement is to die for! ? Love these two!

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0 reply
last month

serie fantastica, ho ancora i lucciconi!

fantastic series, I still lucciconi!

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